Riverdale Newsletter 2021-12-05

Hi Riverdale, 

Me again! I don’t know about you, but I’m elated to be back to curling and seeing everyone at the club. I was reminded of the eccentricities of the A (and F) sheets’ ice at last week’s game, as well as the congeniality and good-cheer of all our members. Very glad to be back 🙂 Please continue to check out https://toronto.gaycurl.ca/ for new information, and a variety of resources, including: team and contact lists, our season calendar, draw-lists and game time, standings, revised policies and procedures, and tools for you to use. 


Glen Barbeau 

on behalf of the Riverdale Curling League Executive

Draw to the Button Day

Reminder from the drawmaster: December 5th is “Team Draw to the Button Day”.  At the conclusion of your regular game, each player will throw one draw toward the glass. Each rock will be assigned a score based on how close it is to the button. Please leave time for this process, possibly ending your game at the bell time to complete the draw-to-the-button. Tracking sheets will be available on the ice to record and submit your scores.

The Team Score (i.e. the sum of the scores of the individual rocks) may be used as a tiebreaker (if needed) to determine which teams are promoted or relegated to a new division at the end of each round.

 If your team has a bye next week, you will complete your draw to the button event on December 12th.

Do It On The Ice 2022 Riverdale Bonspiel SAVE-THE-DATE!

March 4-6: Get your Pals & Confidants Ready. We’ve been down the road & back again! DIOTI 2022 Will be a Golden Time

National Playdowns

Nationals Playdown Registration closes Dec 12th at midnight. Information about the 2022 Canadian Gay Curling Championship here: http://www.prairielilycurling.com/rocktheriverinfo and register for playdowns here: https://forms.gle/iT32Mf43zU6fqcVEA 

January 8th Strategy and Skills Clinic

In conjunction with nationals playdowns, we plan to run a clinic focusing more on strategy and understanding the game. This will most likely take the form of watching the nationals playdown teams and discussing their strategy, with experienced curlers watching to provide commentary and answer questions. There may be an opportunity to hone some specific skills on the ice as well. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see, please help us develop a program that fits your needs. To register, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/1ptAjAto99R7Kwkr8 

The Women of Curling!

As much as we have enjoyed featuring the Men of Curling (entirely Glen’s thirsty idea) on our Facebook page, we would like to feature the Women of Curling as well in our upcoming promotional and social media material. Kindly send us photos, or look out for any Executive member on the ice taking pics Sunday if you would like to be featured. 

Spare ListSeeking a spare? The facebook page is a great place to start, but please also consider reaching out using the Riverdale website’s Spare List. Non-members playing more than twice in each half will be allowed, but will be assessed a $20 fee for each occurrence to a maximum of $180 per half.