Riverdale – COVID Wave 6 Update

Hi Riverdale – 

We’ve had a few more reports of positive COVID rapid tests from members of the league in the last week, and it’s also very clear that COVID is spreading rapidly in the community outside of the league as well.

To allow for better tracking of possible exposures, we’ve created a dashboard where you can anonymously report positive COVID test results. If you do test positive, please continue to inform your team and the team you played against, and enter your result in the dashboard. If you would like to know of possible exposures beyond your immediate contacts, you can check the dashboard at any time to see activity in the last 7 days.

As a reminder, if you have COVID symptoms or test positive on a COVID test, do not come to the club. You must isolate for at least 5 days, with your isolation only ending once your symptoms have been improving for 24-48 hours. Following isolation, you must mask for an additional 5 days when in public, including while on the ice. It would not be recommended that you stay at the club to eat and drink following your game if you are in the 5-day masking period.

If you need to find a spare during this time, please use the spare list or check who from your division is on a bye. Or, as Team Gushue proved at the Brier, you can play quite successfully with three players.

If you would feel more comfortable wearing a high-quality mask but are not able to procure one or if they are too expensive, please reach out to riverdale@gaycurl.ca and we can share some of our CA-N95s with you.

And, if you have not done it yet, please consider getting a third dose of the COVID vaccine. You may also soon be eligible for a fourth dose if you are 60+ or in a high-risk category. 

Thank you,


Edward Dodd
Vice President
Riverdale Curling League