Riverdale 2020-2021 Season Changes

Hello Riverdale members!

UPDATE FROM THE CLUB SEPT 23: “Based on the fluid situation presented by COVID-19, and after more consultation and discussion, it has been decided that upon re-opening, that masks will be mandatory and will need to be worn correctly in ALL AREAS of the club, including on the ice. We expect that members will monitor their own proper use of face-coverings, and are expecting everyone to follow directions on this. The only exception being while eating or drinking.”

We know you are eagerly awaiting details on what curling will look like this season. The linked document contains what we know so far. Please see below for what we’re doing to keep each other safe, how a typical Sunday will work, the link to pay your fees, and information on the online Annual General Meeting of the members on September 20!

If you have a question not answered here, please email riverdale@gaycurl.ca and we will ensure our next message answers as many as we can.

Grab your coffee – there’s a lot of information here!