Get ready for Drag Prom!

Riverdale’s Executive Committee is excited to share this year’s Do It On The Ice poster to help you get excited for the bonspiel!

A few updates for everyone:

  1. Our theme is Drag Prom! Dig out that old tux or those powder-blue ruffles, a poofy dress, and some complicated aerosol hair products!
  2. All draw times have been confirmed and sent to team skips – check with your skip to confirm your draw time. Skips, if you haven’t please respond to the email you received from drawmasters Trevor and Russell so we know you’re all set.
  3. We’re looking for some more volunteers for the event weekend and to help beforehand – register here:
  4. Some teams are also still looking for players (mostly leads) so if you are interested but don’t have a team, or want to be on the emergency spare list, please email and say you want to register as an individual.

Any questions, please email

We look forward to seeing you in just 32 days!