Riverdale Curling 2021-22 Registration Officially Open

Hi Riverdale,

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far! 

I’m pleased to announce that pre-registration for the 2021-22 season is officially open! While the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that nothing is certain, we are moving forward with the understanding that curling will be allowed this fall based on increasing vaccination rates and declining infection numbers. The current provincial reopening plan says indoor sports facilities can open with some restrictions as early as July 16, well before the first stone would be thrown in a regular season. 

As we promised at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who was a member of the league in 2019-20 will be considered a returning member for purposes of priority registration for the 2021-22 season. Since the 2020-21 season did not go ahead as planned, anyone who signed up for the first time in 2020-21 will not be considered a returning member and will be asked to register again as a new member. New members can request to register a team, or join a team of returning members, and will be registered if there are available slots once the returning member pre-registration period is complete on August 31, 2021.

Another crucial note – only those who sign up for the 2021-22 curling season will be considered returning members in 2022-23. We understand there may still be some hesitation to return, so if you are concerned you can reach out directly to someone on the executive to discuss your situation. However, we’re hoping that following 2021-22 we will be able to return to our regular priority registration process.

2021-22 Fees:

We are working to determine fees for the upcoming season and will have more information soon, before we begin confirming registrations.


  1. Fees have been set at $375 for the full season, or $200 for each half season.
  2. The Royal Canadian Curling Club board has determined that COVID-19 vaccination is required to enter the club and curl this season, and attestation of your vaccination will be part of the legal liability waiver you agree to before stepping on the ice.

2021-22 Registration Timeline

Pre-registration begins for returning members (online)July 9
General Registration period opensSeptember 1
Registration confirmations fully sentSeptember 3
Deadline for payment and liability waivers September 8
First day of curling (tentative)October 3

To Register:

  1. Have only one member of your team complete the 2021-22 Registration Form. Please ensure that all contact information is filled out accurately. 
  2. You will receive an automated response acknowledging the receipt of your registration form. This is NOT an official confirmation of registration. 
  3. We will follow up with a confirmation of registration once your team is verified, no later than September 3, 2021. 
    1. The confirmation email will have a link to liability waivers that each player on your team must agree to before membership is finalized
    2. Once the waivers have been signed, you will get access to a link for payment by Interac or PayPal. 
    3. A minimum payment per player of the half-season fees for the 2021-22 season must be received by no later than September 8, 2021, to finalize membership in the league.
  4. If your team has fewer than 3 returning members, you will only receive a confirmation of registration if there are spots available after returning member registration ends on September 1, 2021.
  5. Even if your team does not meet the returning team criteria, you can still sign up. Priority for new teams will be based on having 1 or 2 returning members, or on the date your team signs up. For more information, please see the prioritization diagram

If you haven’t already done so, please join our Facebook group, and check out the website regularly for the season calendar, updates and other news.

If you have any questions or need help finding a team/additional player, please don’t hesitate to reach out to riverdale@gaycurl.ca. As a reminder, the 2021-22 executive team is:

Darren Sutherland – President
Edward Dodd – Vice President
Steph Johns – Secretary
Peter DeVries – Treasurer
Glenn Barbeau – Member Relations
Trevor Rodgers – Drawmaster
Mark Field – External Relations
Cam MacLeod – Webmaster
Ryan MacDonald – Events Coordinator

Thank you for your patience in the past couple years, and your patience going forward as we work to return to curling after a long hiatus.