Last Updates for the 2021-2022 Riverdale Season

Hi Riverdale – 

Another season comes to a close, and it will be one to remember for all the turbulence that COVID brought. But it will also be remembered for fun, friendship, and finally being back on the ice in spite of it all! Thank you, everyone, for such a fun year and incredible patience and resilience in the face of such challenges. 

A few year-end updates are enclosed – have a read!


Please complete our year-end survey – we want to hear what you thought this year, and what you might like to see for next!

Pre-Registration for 2022-23

As a reminder, all fully-paid members from the 2021-22 season are eligible to pre-register to return next season before general registration begins. This does not include fifth members or spares, although fifths and spares can be pre-registered on returning teams. 

Teams with three or more returning members are guaranteed a spot next season, while teams with two or fewer will have priority when registration begins.

If you’re looking for a player or a team, let us know when you fill out the year-end survey and we’ll do our best to assist.

Be on the lookout for a pre-registration announcement in June.

2021-22 Winners

Congratulations to our winning teams:

Aggregate Winner (most points during the regular season) 

Team Newell: Glen Newell, Lawrence Mudryk, David Tran and Michael Anhorn

A Division Winner

Team Francis (Team Englot): Bill Francis, Jeff Junke, Stephen Courteau, Ian Kasper

A Division Runner Up

Team Newell: Glen Newell, Lawrence Mudryk, David Tran and Michael Anhorn

B Division Winner

Team Hughes: Liam Hughes, Raynie Stubbs, Gary Oudkerk, Jay Flint

B Division Runner Up

Team Hayward: Bradley Hayward, Derek Rose, Bryan Weissenboeck, Richard Borbridge, Brett Thompson

C Division Winner

Team N. MacLeod: Neill MacLeod, Kevin Flewwelling, Steven Hertz, Larry Tobin

C Division Runner Up

Team Baker: Jeff Baker, Scott Sheehey, Adrien Boutin, AJ Mundie

D Division Winner

Team Shady Bitches: Ryan O’Neil, Thomas Wei, Ryan MacDonald, Jan Viljoen

D Division Runner Up

Team Lui: Laurence Lui, Bradley Sunderland, Chris Killam, Jason Neill

E Division Winner

Team C. MacLeod: Cameron MacLeod, Rodney MacDonald, Greg Paciga, Chris Furmanek

E Division Runner Up

Team Knight: Kevin Knight, Keith Johnson, Jordan Rozencwajg, Dan Caputo, Sara Clay

F Division Winner

Team Mackay: Malcolm Mackay, Don DeBoer, Jamie Cherwonka, Jerome Nguyen, Jan Korman

F Division Runner Up

Team Connolly: Tim Connolly, Steve Murdoch, Michael Ku, Conrad Wong

G Division Winner

Team Rock Hudson: Jason Popiel, Khamla Sengthavy, Greg Shiltroth, Andrew Nichols, Gordon MacKeracher

G Division Runner Up

Team Button Boys: Irv Gillette, Don Clark, Dom Tiu, Earl Lyons, Hiro Nakajima

H Division Winner

Team Just Slide It In: Callum Sawatzky, Edward Deng, Brad Merrill, Wayne Seeto, Chris Mondszein, Julian Chang

H Division Runner Up

Team Peckford: Kevin Peckford, Eric Fleury, Richard Chevalier, Tamara McKernan, Liz Hughes

A Message from the Rainbowlers

Hey Riverdalers!

Looking for a way to get your queer sport fix over the summer months?

Join Toronto Rainbowlers. We are a recreational league for lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender lawn bowlers. We welcome players of all stripes and skill levels and play all season long at Cosburn Park Club starting May 11.

For more information and to join up see 

Newcomers and bowlers of all levels are welcome.

Make sure that you sign up for a Rainbowlers FREE Intro to Lawn Bowling session. Queer coaches are on the greens on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 7. We’ll get you ready to join your first game.

Afraid of commitment? Try our versatile monthly membership option.

Still not sure, come visit us at our Rainbowlers’ Pride Week Open House Wednesday, June 22

Enjoy a Pride Week social outing – with lawn bowling – at Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Give us a like or follow at 

New Executive

There is significant turnover on the Executive Committee for the upcoming season. As a reminder, nominees acclaimed to the 2022-23 Executive at the AGM are:

  • Edward Dodd – President
  • Mark Field – Vice President
  • Raynie Stubbes – Treasurer
  • Drew Gyorke – Secretary
  • Russell Ott – Drawmaster
  • Rebecca Purvis – Member Relations
  • Matt Harding – External Relations
  • Ryan MacDonald – Events Coordinator
  • Cam MacLeod – Communications Coordinator/Webmaster

Leaving the Executive this season are Darren SutherlandPeter DevriesSteph JohnsGlen Barbeau and Trevor Rodgers. Thank you for your service to the league in a very busy and challenging time!

By-Law and Constitutional Updates

We made changes to our Constitution at the AGM, and the previous executive voted to update the By-Laws, to bring language used in line in both documents. You can see our updated Constitution and By-Laws on our website.

If you’d like to see the specific changes made, please consult the AGM package sent to your email or reach out to

That’s it for the 2021-22 season! Thank you again for an excellent year, and hope you have a wonderful and relaxing summer!


Edward Dodd


Riverdale Curling League