Spare Rules: 

Rules for sparing have been established to help choose players that have an appropriate skill level for the position required and do not provide undue advantage to the team. Skips or vices are asked to prearrange spares and advise the opposing skip in advance, where possible.

  1. Wherever possible find someone who plays the same position in your division or any division below you.
  2. If a player is coming down from a higher division, they must spare at least one position higher than their usual role (B vice must play C skip/E second must play F third or skip).
  3. If a spare is coming up from a lower division, they may spare up to one position lower than their usual role (B vice may play A second or higher/E second may play D lead or higher).

Any arrangement can be permitted with the express permission of the opposing skip. Once a game has begun, the agreed positions and results of the game must be allowed to stand. Any protests about choice of spare must be made to the drawmaster or, in his absence, one executive member before the game commences. The decision of the drawmaster/executive member concerning suitability of the proposed spare(s) is final.

It’s not always possible to follow these rules exactly, so above all:

No demotion of regular team players with spares. Players can be moved up to a higher position for spares, but they cannot be moved down for the spare to play in that player’s usual position. E.g., can’t move the vice to second and have spare play vice.

Riverdale members can spare as often as they wish with no extra fees.

Spare list players and non-members of the league may spare twice before and twice after Christmas break without spare fees. Non-members playing more than twice in each half will be allowed, but will be assessed a $20 fee for each occurrence to a maximum of $180 per half.

Non-members are ineligible to play in the playoffs or win prizes.

The Spare List will be re-set at the end of each season. Please sign up again in October for next season.